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Frequently Asked Questions

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The most frequently asked of the Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Will you be getting any Dragon Ball Z or GT games for DC/PS/PS2/Saturn?
   -No. The Japanese games have been long out of production, and in fact are no DBZ games for Dreamcast and there never will be. There has been recent news however, that an American company is planning on releasing a DBZ game in the US for PS, PS2, and Gameboy. Since we carry only import games from Japan we will not be carrying this game, instead you will eventually find it at normal videogame retailers.

2. Do you sell the US PS2?
   -No, only the Japanese version.

3. Do US PS2 games work with the Japanese PS2, or vice-versa?
   -No, at least not until there is a mod chip. This also applies to DVD movies.

4. Do you have a mod chip for PS2?
   -Not yet, we might around the end of the year.


1. Do you do special/request orders?
  -You bet!

2. What if something is sold out when I order?
  -At the time of the order we will inform you that the item is sold out, and also if and when we are going to be obtaining that product again. If we are not planning on restocking the product, we can still do a special order if requested.

Online Ordering:

1. So is this thing really secure?
  - Yes. Once you go to the online order form and enter in your personal information (such as a credit card number), you are transferred to a secure web server that encrypts your data to ensure it is not intercepted. We also retrieve this data via an encrypted connection to ensure maximum security.

2. How will I know my order has been recieved?
  - Currently the best way of confirming an order is by email, which we will send once an order has been processed and has been shipped or will be shipped shortly. 
     Also, if there are any problems with the order, we usually try to call or e-mail you to clear up any issues and ensure your order is processed as soon as possible


1. So Japanese games don't work on a US game system?
  - Yes, videogames consoles have what is called a territorial lockout. What that means is that games bought in a particular region only work on a system bought in that same region. Examples of different regions include North America, Japan, Asia, Europe, and so on. Simply put, if you bought your system in the US, then only US games will work on that system.

2. How do i get Japanese Games to play on a US system, or vice-versa?
  -  To get around this limitation requires an adapter or modification (mod), depending on the system. An adapter is some kind of device you simply plug in to the system, while a mod requires that a system be opened up and have a new chip installed. The Dreamcast can be modded only, the N64 only requires an adapter, and the Playstation and Saturn can be either modded or can use an adapter.
    However, the Gameboy Color and NeoGeo Pocket Color do not require any sort of modification or add-on to play Japanese games (or any foreign game for that matter).

3. What about Japanese controllers / memory cards / peripherals? Will they work with my system without a mod?
  - Yes. Japanese peripherals will work on US systems perfectly fine.
    Also, certain games have specialized controllers, such as the dance pad for Dance Dance Revolution, the guitar controller for Guitar Freaks, or the maracas for Samba De Amigo. While the special controllers work just fine with a console, since they are used in conjunction with a specific Japanese game you need to get a mod so the software will run along with the hardware it was designed to play with.


1. So getting the mod chip is the only way to play Japanese Dreamcast games?
  -Well, it's the only 100% reliable way. You can use a Game Shark, but it doesn't work with all games, and it doesn't work with games that have more than one disk (if you try to change disks in the middle of the game it won't let you, so you better hope you can save). Also, for the small additional cost of getting a mod installed, you don't have to go through the hassle of swapping the Gameshark disk and your game EVERY time you play!

2. What about this 'swap trick' I've heard about?
  -There have been various techniques that have been discovered where you try to 'trick' the Dreamcast into playing a Japanese game by putting a US game in first and then switch to a Japanese game while it's loading. We will not give you a link to any page detailing these techniques, so you can just look for yourself. Keep in mind though, that swap tricks are quite a hassle to go through EVERY time you want to play a Japanese game, and it doesn't even work will all games, like a mod chip would. Also using these techniques can lead to permanent damage to one's Dreamcast.

3. So I would have to mail you my Dreamcast to get the chip installed?
  -Yes that is the only way for us to install it if you do not live in the area where the store is located. The store is located in Seattle, Washington USA by the way. Another alternative is to find a local store that can install a chip, which shouldn't be too difficult in most areas.

4. Can I install the chip myself?
  -While we can sell you the chip itself, it is an advanced process to install it, involving soldering of several wires and the dismantling of the most of the unit. Unless you have specific experience in this kind of operation is it not recommended. It is our policy not to sell the chip by itsel.

5. I live too far away to bring my Dreamcast to your store, I don't want to mail it, and I don't really know of any local shops that do it. Is there some other way I can play imports without having to open the thing and mess with it myself?
  -A Dreamcast version of the Game Shark (Cheating Device) was recently released, and has a feature to play import games via the menu on the Game Shark disk. However we have not tried this feature personally, and it is not guaranteed to play every game like a mod chip does. There also might be issues with game music as well. It's costs about as much as a mod and it's worth a try if there's no other alternative

6. I don't see (insert certain game here) on your list will you be getting more copies sometime later?
  -That really depends. It is our policy to stop stocking a game once the domestic version is released. Another reason is that is it might be out of production, or be sold out until a later time. And finally sometimes certain games just don't sell so we don't plan on getting more copies. If you really want a particular game just go ahead and call us and we will gladly special order your requested game if it is available.


1. What's the deal? where are all the games?
  -With the release of the Dreamcast and Playstation 2 the older Playstation is slowly getting phased out of the market and so there are no games that are worthwhile to import, for the most part. However if there's a particular game you want you can always call us and we can see if we can special order for you. Although that is if the game is still available, and not long out of production (like Dragon Ball Z/GT!).

2. So is your Playstation section dead?
  -No, no the PS still has some life in it and occasionally there is a game or two that we stock, for example the latest Bemani game or major RPG.

Playstation 2:

1. Do Japanese memory cards and controller work with the US PS2?
  -Yes, all Japanese accessories and peripherals work with the US PS2 and vice-versa.

2. Will you be selling the US PS2 system or PS2 games?
  -No, we only sell the Japanese PS2 and Japanese games.

3. Is there a mod chip for PS2?
  -There have been some preliminary releases of mod chips for PS2, but so far reports have been they're un-reliable and particularly hard to install (with great risk to your PS2). However, once a reliable mod chip has been released we will be sure to sell it! We expect this to be around Christmastime or shortly thereafter. 

NeoGeo Pocket Color:

1. Oh no, they stopped selling NeoGeo Pocket games in the US! This thing is a waste now!

-Don't worry! Your US NG Pocket can play Japanese games no problem. And don't worry about not being able to read Japanese because there are a ton of puzzle games and fighting games for NG Pocket, and who needs to read to play those? ^_^


1. Are these models easy to put together? What if I can't read Japanese?
  -The directions included with the models have very detailed illustrations and numbered directions on how to assemble them. And when you need to find a part, the panel that they are attached to is indicated with a letter for the particular grid, and a number for the specific part. These are pretty straightforward to follow with a little common sense. With adults these are no problem, so the only real concern is with younger kids. They might need a little adult help. (Although sometimes putting it together is so fun that parents might take over their  child's assembly project altogether... so kids beware!) 

2. Do I need glue to put it together?
  -All Gundam models can be fully assembled without any glue. Although using glue can increase the stability and durability of the model.

3. Do I need to paint the model?
  -Painting is not necessary. All Gundam models come on colored plastic, and even include some stickers to add some more fine details. However paint can be used to change the color scheme and to put even more detail on the model. It gives the overall look of the model more realism and a professional polish.

4. Will you be getting more of the Endless Waltz models or any of the Gundam Wing that you have sold out?
   -Unfortunately, it seems that production on the Gundam Wing and Endless Watlz series has stopped, and what we have remaining is all that's left. Production of Gundam models goes through a long cycle and we may see another production run after some while, but with Gundam Wing being a side-story it seems unlikey.