Pre-Order Policy and Information

General Pre-Order Policy Information

Pre-orders do not get processed and charged until the item(s) have arrived and are ready to ship. However, we do reserve the right to charge a fee in advance for certain limited or expensive pre-order items. Also keep in mind that due to the nature of collectible and limited release toys there is a chance that we will be unable to obtain an item. In the event that an item is unavailable we will not charge that customer.

Policy regarding multiple pre-orders

In the event of multiple pre-orders with separate release dates we will hold the items until they are all available to process and ship at once. At the customers request, we can ship items that are already in our possession instead of waiting for all items to be available. In that case, additional shipping charges may apply.

Policy regarding orders combining pre-order items and in-stock items

If the pre-order item is a month or less due for release we will hold all items orders until they are ready to process and ship all at once. As a general policy, we discourage customers from combining orders of in-stock items with pre-orders are not due for arrival for longer than a month from the date the order is made. If such an order is made we will inform the customer that we will process and ship the part of their order that is currently ready, and then process and ship the remainder of their order when it arrives. If we do send them as separate shipments then additional shipping charges may apply.

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