Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New October Shipment part 2: Ship harder

Now we're really on a roll. Another new shipment for October (and we are far from done).

This time, we're featuring the new Optimus Prime Playing iPod from the Transformers Music Label, which is a special edition Prime that includes a trailer that functions as an iPod dock. Also for you Masterpiece fanatics, we have gotten a re-stock of the MP-06 Masterpiece Skywarp, so if you haven't picked it up you still have a chance.

The first of our Gurren Lagann products has also come in, a non-scale model kit of the combined Gurren Lagann itself. Fun to build and pretty affordable, not a bad way to start out if you want your fix of Gurren Lagann merchandise. Gattai!

As part of our Japanese Card Gaming Initiative here at Kicks (oh, I didn't mention that? Well we're getting into Japanese card games. There I've said it, so it's official now.) we are now offering booster packs of Gundam War Set #19. Expect to see more Gundam War offered from Kicks in the future, as well as promotional Gundam War events.

In addition to Gundam War, we will soon be offering Japanese language cards from Magic: The Gathering, starting with the upcoming set: Lorwyn. Remember that any language Magic Cards are tournament legal, so foreign language cards are a great way to show off your love of Magic. Expect those in early November.

Anyways, new stuff! Here's the list:

Transformers Music Label: Optimus Prime Playing iPod
MP-06 Masterpiece Skywarp (restock)

Leiji Matsumoto Original Romantic Series Arcadia TV Ver.

Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Super Valkyrie Max Custom
Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Super Valkyrie Miria Custom

Armored Core Mirage C02-Uranus

Perfect Grade 1/60 Strike Gundam (restock)
SD Strike Noir Gundam (restock)
1/100 Astray Gold Frame Amatsu (restock)
Gurren Lagann Model Kit

Pinky Street Vol. 16
Pinky Street Vol. 17
Pinky Street Vol. 18

Mario Kart DS Racing Collection EX

Aliens Kubrick Set

Baby Gloomy Bear Pink
Baby Gloomy Bear Yellow
Baby Gloomy Bear Blue

Pikachu Relaxing Pokemon Plush
Glameow Relaxing Pokemon Plush
Buneary Relaxing Pokemon Plush
Pachirisu Relaxing Pokemon Plush
Piplup Relaxing Pokemon Plush

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