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Friday, May 23, 2008

New Transformers Shipment Just Arrived

Dear Customers:

We have just gotten in our latest Transformers Shipment, including the long awaited complete set of World's Smallest Dinobots. Here is the list:

WST Dinobots:
Transformers: WST Dinobots Complete Set
Transformers: WST Dinobot Swoop
Transformers: WST Dinobot Sludge
Transformers: WST Dinobot Snarl(Restock)
Transformers: WST Dinobot Slag(Restock)
Transformers: WST Dinobot Grimlock(Restock)

Transformers Masterpiece:
Masterpiece Starscream Coronation Set

Transformers Encore:
Transformers Encore: 05 Ironhide E-Hobby Version (Black)
Transformers Encore: 06 Ratchet Emergency Green Version

Transformers Alternators:
Transformers Alternators: Ford GT Rodimus (Red) (Restock)

Transformers Classics:
Transformers Classics: D-02 Starscream
Transformers Classics: D-03 Astrotrain
Transformers Classics: D-01 Megatron(Restock)
Transformers Classics: C-01 Optimus Prime(Restock)

Transformers Music Label:
Optimus Prime Ipod Dock (Original Color Version)
MP3 Soundwave Blaster Black (Restock)

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