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Friday, December 7, 2007

Special Birthday Sale, One Day Only: 20% Off Everything in the Store, Sunday December 9th

Hello customers,

Hey guess what? It's my birthday this Sunday, and so I've decided to give
you all a present. "What kind of present?" you may ask? Well...

I'm letting everyone use my employee discount.

Just for one day though. Sunday, to be exact.

You know, this sounds like a sale, so let's call it that. Okay time for some bold text:

One Day Sale, Sunday December 9th: 20% Off everything in the store.
But only if you wish me a happy birthday... Just kidding :)

(For online orders: A coupon code for 20% Off will be posted at 11:00am PST that will only work for that day. Check the front page for the code after that time.Sale does not apply to pre-orders.)

Update: The coupon code is cakeforall

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