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MSIA Blaze Zaku Phantom Dearka Elthman Color

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arrowMobile Suit Gundam Seed: Destiny
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Customer Reviews:

Chris  (Tuesday, 18 October 2005)
Rating: 4
is it just me or does Dearka and Yzak switch MS's for every battle. This will be Dearka's second zaku (his first was a green gunner). My brother has this one and i have Ray Za Burrel's version (white). The posibility is very good and the zaku seems to have almost all the movement abilities we humands do. one flaw i noticed is that the side shields seem to be harder to put on or maybe it's just me? As with the gunner the zaku is very well put together and although they're pretty much play-offs of each other they're still pretty cool. All and all, a very cool MSIA.

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