Toys Preorder Section

Special Info For Pre-Orders:
Orders that include items marked PRE-ORDER will not be processed and charged until all the items included in the order are available. Keep in mind that if you submit an order that includes readily available stock and pre-order items in the same order we will not ship those out to you until the pre-order item is available to us, and there is a possibility that the remaining part of your order may not be in stock at the time that we process and ship it. In cases such as these it is best to either make separate pre-order and in-stock order submissions, or to email us special instructions to ship parts of your order right when we have the available items. Note that in either case additional shipping charges may apply. Some of the pictures shown are prototypes and still in production. The final product may differ from the picture shown.

Contact us via E-mail if you have any questions:

HG Fullmetal Alchemist #2 1 Box (10pcs)
Release September 2004
Pre Order - $25.00
Batman Trading Figures 1 Box (12pcs)
Release December 2004
Pre Order - 70.00
Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball 1 Box (12pcs)
Release October 2004
Pre Order - $65.00
1/6 Snake (Metal Gear Solid 3)
Release December 2004
Pre Order - $175.00