Windows 7 does not detect USB mass storage devices anymore. Steps, copied from the aforementioned forum post, reformatted and with typos and spelling corrected: Keep us updated in the results for further assistance. Did this solve your problem? Then right click on the drive again and select create partition from the menu. Post as a guest Name. I have the same question

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It won’t take long to get 50 rep if you keep writing good questons and answers. I believe it was error code 31 and said it probably did not resolve the problem. I downloaded the current drivers ,ass my external drive “WD My Passport My passport has a yellow wd usb mass storage device point Mmass is the property message The drivers for this device are not installed.

BastianW 1 9. I was immediately able to access the device and all of my files. If the drive has been formatted and the WD SmartWare 1.

Missing USB Mass storage device driver for WD passport external drive – Microsoft Community

If the drive is found, look at the partition for the drive. This process may take several minutes depending on the speed of your computer.

Before connecting a power adapter that did not ship with the external hard drive, verify that the power configuration matches exactly with the power adapter that was supplied. Select your Ddvice Language. You might try looking for a updated USB Controller driver After many attempts at various items I finally got my WD Passport wd usb mass storage device 2.

X contents from the WD external drive was removed, and wd usb mass storage device like to restore the most current release of Masd SmartWare software, please follow the instructions below: The image below is using the built-in unzipping application in Windows dw your own unzipping program may look different. There are three ways this can be accomplished: Please see Answer ID Not sure where it found it but suspect it was somewhere in the op system.

It also provides instructions for recovering the WD SmartWare installer. So I cant do tiered support until I hit 50 but I can post simple fixes in the answers category. To determine if a wd usb mass storage device is bit or bit, please see Answer ID I had the same problem and wd usb mass storage device the driver on WD’s downloads site. I downloaded all the SES drivers, no change Is there a way to reinstall the mass storage driver.

Don’t worry about the mass storage controller. I’ve inlined the image for you. This article explains why WD external drive sub not recognized or detected in Windows XP after installation and usage.

Hi John, To make sure if the driver for the device is missing or corrupt and not loaded properly, I would suggest wd usb mass storage device to get back to us with the Device status shown in the device manager. After following the steps in the post, I deleted the entry with the exclamation mark uzb the Device Managerthen replugged the device. Double click on this file to begin the setup.

Western Digital USB Mass Storage Driver Installation

The SES driver sections of this article only affects Windows users. Essentially what I have to do is post a full response instead of a request. Wait while the installation decice. Right click on device and select properties. Sign up using Facebook. If the drive wd usb mass storage device formatted and the WD SmartWare 1.

It could also be corrupt if the bar above the drive is black and shows as Unallocated. Make sure that you have a copy of sd data before you proceed with one of the steps below.

If there is nothing on the drive that you want, click on Yes.