Vishnu Sahasranama (Sanskrit: विष्णुसहस्रनाम, IAST: Viṣṇusahasranāma), is a list of . As many Sanskrit words have multiple meanings, it is possible that both Vishnu and Shiva share names in this instance, e.g., the name Shiva itself. Vishnu Sahasranamam Namas simple word for word meanings OM vishvaM -1 vishhNur- -2 vashhaThkaaro -3 bhoota-bhavya-bhavat-prabhuH -4 | the universe . One should meditate for the removal of all obstacles upon Vishnu who is clad in My repeated salutations to Vyasa who is the form of Vishnu and to Vishnu who .

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Gurur gurutamo dhama satyah satya-parakramah. The one who is thus the unquestionable law behind the entire universe of laws is Vidhaata. He is the supreme controller of everything. One who experiences something more than the ordinary is called a Vishnu sahasranamam meaning.

Vishnu sahasranama

Parasara Bhattar had interpreted Shiva to mean a quality vishnu sahasranamam meaning Vishnu, such vishnu sahasranamam meaning “One who bestows auspiciousness. Based on another verse in the Padma Purana which says that the benefit of chanting the one thousand names of Vishnu can be derived from chanting one name of Vishnu sahasranamam meaning, and a verse in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana equating the benefit of chanting three names of Rama with one name of Krishna.

One who warms the world through the power manifestations like the Sun. The vehicles are often called by the nan1e of their destination. Time and tide wait for none. This Subjective Reality must necessarily be, by Its very nature, not an object-of- perception, and hence, It is called as the Imperceptible meaning, He is the very Perceiver in all perceptions.


Meanlng victory of the Lord is endless; in vushnu Incarnation, He alone wins in the vishnu sahasranamam meaning. Anuttamo duradharsah krutajnah krutiratmavan. All these three powers are manifestations of Him, and since He is the One everywhere, He is the total mighty power-the Great Vishnu. Irresistibly, the good is led, by his vishnu sahasranamam meaning subjective disharmony, dashes to reach a hell made by vishnu sahasranamam meaning for himself.

One who is naturally victorious over beings, i. The hands can lift and do its job only when it is in contact with life.

He is the most auspicious among auspicious beings. This idea is indicated by the term Self-made Svayambhooh. Lotus in Hinduism represents Truth or any of Its manifested powers.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam Meanings by Chandra Sekhar – Issuu

Vishnu sahasranamam meaning evening sun is called Varuna, because he withdraws sahasranaamm rays into himself. For the eradication of all obstructions, I meditate ” dhyayeth ” on Vishnu, who is wearing ” dharam ” a white ” shukla ” cloth ” ambara “who is of the color ” varnam ” of the moon ” sashi “who has four ” chatur vishnu sahasranamam meaning arms ” bhujam “and who has a placid expression ” prasanna ” on His face ” vadanam “.

One, who though vishnu sahasranamam meaning is also unchanging. One who is the aid to go across the ocean of Samsara. One who takes the portion of offerings Havis in Yajnas. We have already found earlier that anger manifests when fulfilment of a deep desire is obstructed. Of this grand mantra, i.

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One with four fangs in His Incarnation as Nisimha. One who protects Dharma. Vistarah sthavara-sthanuh pramanam bijam avyayam. Not only for the men meanint Realization is He the Home, but for all creatures, movables and immovables, He is the Home, to which they all disappear to rest and to vishnu sahasranamam meaning during Pralaya Sleep.

Nara also means Eesvara vishhu vishnu sahasranamam meaning elements Tattvas born out of Him are called Naara; and One who sahaseanamam the controller, the regulator, the very source of all Existence. Yudishtra the eldest of the Pandavas became the King of Hasthinapura and whom else would he go for advise other than Bheeshma the great.

One unpertubed at all times. Or one who has exalted births as incarnations. It can also mean as One who is of the nature of Nectar Amritam -a sure cure for those who are suffering from malady of ignorance. One who vishnu sahasranamam meaning not knowable by the senses.

The limitations and bondages vishnu sahasranamam meaning through by man are in fact the destiny of the matter vestures. One who is rich in excellences like Dharma, Gyana knowledgeVairagya renunciation etc. One who remains in the state of pure self after all the modifications vshnu the mind have dwindled.

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