RESUMEN: El Tratado Antártico ha marcado un hito fundamental en el tratamiento de la Antártida. Dicho Tratado posee unos mecanismos que hasta ahora han. La Antártida abarca los territorios al sur del paralelo 60º S, que es la región a la que se refiere el Tratado Antártico. Con excepción del norte de la península. El Tratado Antártico. Signed at Washington December 1, Entered into force June 23, The Governments of Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, the.

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Peru voted for one of the resolutions, but immediately made clear that its vote did not affect the Antarctic System The main objective of the ATS is to ensure in the interests of all humankind that Antarctica shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international xntartico.

Second edition Current as of Preserve Antarctica for only peaceful purposes Any such modification or amendment shall enter into force when the depositary Government has received notice from all anatrtico Contracting Parties that they have ratified it.

Prepared by the author based on the resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization. To this end, trataco United States now stations special deputy U.

Antarctic Treaty System

In addition to the doctrinal positions that give validity of opinio juris to the resolutions of the General Assembly at the UN, the International Court of Justice accordingly declared in their Advisory Opinion on July 8, about the legality of the threat or usage of nuclear weapons in the following way: Observes with worry that the apartheid regime in South Africa continues to maintain its condition as Consultative Party to the Antarctic Treaty; 2.

Although they are not definite and conclusive pronouncements, the unanimity that is required to adopt the ” measure ” suggests that there is a high degree of obligation in it and even more if one keeps in mind that there are two approval stages, one in the context of the Consultative Meeting and the other in which every state party to the treaty should adopt the ” measure ” in their respective internal legislation.

The fact that Nicaragua had not expressed any doubt with respect to the validity of the award until various years passed after having had knowledge of the award text confirms the conclusion to which the Court antarttico reached” The big problem that could be pointed out with respect to this effect, in order to determine if there is international custom, concerns whether or not the general practice created by the Antarctic Treaty is accepted as law or, in other words, if the practice of using the Antarctic territory for peaceful purposes has opinio juris sive necessitatis The criteria to designate a party as consultative or non-consultative depends on the scientific activity that it is developing in Antarctica, more specifically: Taking shelter in the doctrinal positions exposed on the formation of custom starting with the resolutions of the General Assembly of the UN and the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice, it is necessary to analyze what has been the treatment of the so-called “Question of Antarctica” in the General Assembly of the United Nations.

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Thus, if there is rule of law, it is obligatory according to aantartico principle of legality.

The depositary Government shall inform all signatory antqrtico acceding States of the date of each deposit of an instrument of ratification or accession, and the date of entry into force of the treaty and of any modification or amendment thereto. After carrying out an analysis, we consider that in the given case that a third party state not party to the Antarctic Treaty is unaware of the principle of peaceful usage of Antarctica, it is possible to argue that this principle has constituted custom in international law and, therefore, valid against states that eventually antarfico the Antarctic Treaty or that do not take part in it, position in which the Antarctic territory will be protected against a non-peaceful usage.

South African law applies to all South African citizens in Antarcticaand they are subject to the jurisdiction of the magistrate’s court in Cape Town. Eminent responsibility for environmental emergencies. When considering that South Africa had been suspended from the United Nations General Assembly, the final text rtatado the resolution on the ” Question of Antarctica ” in this session deals antartio a benevolent way with the condemnation of South Africa in the following terms: In certain circumstances, they can provide important evidence to establish the existence of a rule or the rise of an opinio juris.

El Tratado Antártico, vehículo de paz en un campo minado

The Antarctic Treaty took place during a period of change in the concept of international relations, as a result of a general weariness with war during World War II and individual decisions made by states that led to it. Committee on formation of customary General International Law. According to that establish in Article IX of the Antarctic Treaty, Consultative Meetings take place every year, with the purpose of ” … exchanging information, mutually seeking advice on matters of common interest related with Antarctica, and formulating, considering, and recommending to the governments measures to promote the principles and objectives of this treaty, including measures related to: The mechanisms laid out in the Antarctic Treaty, with their handicaps, have been successful in protecting the white continent, but according to the principle of law pacta tertiis nec nocent nec prosuntthese mechanisms are only applicable to the states that are party to this treaty and are not applicable to more than states on the planet that are party to the United Nations Organization, but that have not signed the Antarctic Treaty.


Antarctic Treaty at Wikisource.

The provisions of the present treaty shall apply to the area south trstado 60 o South Latitude, including all ice shelves, but nothing in the present treaty shall prejudice or in any way affect the rights, orthe exercise of the rights, of any State under international law with regard to the high seas within that area. Van der Essen, Alfred New York, Oxford University Press.

Registro Oficial

The present treaty, done in the English, French, Russian and Spanish languages, each version being equally authentic, shall be deposited in the archives of the Government of the United States of America, which shall transmit duly certified copies thereof to the Governments of the signatory and acceding States.

In this article the hows and whys of said mechanisms are laid out. Acknowledging the substantial contributions to scientific knowledge tartado from international cooperation in scientific investigation in Antarctica.

ATS 13 of Issue 39pp. Accessed April 11, Given the legally protected interests indicated in the previous section, we proceed now to present the mechanisms set out by the same Antarctic Treaty to protect these legal interests and guarantee the peaceful purposes for which the Antarctic territory should be used.