I keep the E for a back-up and still bring it out frequently it is a great club. I’ve forgotten my password. Your best bet would be to get on a launch monitor somewhere. I am only playing an x as it was a bargain on golfbidder and worth the gamble. I received this driver new several years ago, and have played with it on courses all over the country. Details Golf Club Condition.

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Titleist K Driver – Golf Club Reviews

Please select a rating. Details Golf Club Condition. Both have their mistakes exaggerated titleist 983k when tired or when they are playing over cautiously. Thanks for all the input so far. Team Titleist Invitational at Kiawah It’s a pretty good shaft for the club. Titleist 983k one in the R7 TP is a high quality shaft, but the Speeder fitted as standard to the Tiitleist, while still a titleist 983k shaft, is not so stiff.

Thanks for all your advice. In a driver it is cpm Tour Stiffalthough I suppose it depends how it was cut for the 3 – still, I would not even try to get it flighted. Custom fitting with 938k Titleist rep recommended.

Today’s Golfer

By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. The Titleist K is a good-looking club. titleist 983k

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These factors contribute to the accuracy of value information and should be factored titleits your assessment. Have had one Slices and pushes were rare during our testing. Team Titleist Invitational at Kiawah Island! This friendly and forgiving driver has a titleist 983k bias incorporated into it that will appeal titleist 983k to those players who tend to push the ball or to hit overly soft fades.

Posted 03 April – I have tried and bought several newer titleist 983k since the K but still go back to it as my gamer. Titleist K Driver 9. It is very solid and good swings are very much rewarded. On titleist 983k other hand, those with swings that were not suited titleish the K, found it more than a little disagreeable to use. Was also talking to a pro just a couple of days ago and he was saying how stiff they are. The club was came regripped with golf pride grip. Customer Reviews Displaying 5 out of 10 Reviews.

Search Advanced Titleist 983k section: I am sure that one of the Titleist Club Concierges will be able to find the data and post it.

The two testers who liked the K most have mistake patterns that are generally comprised of weak fades and pushes. Favorite club I have ittleist hit. All players other than real control freaks should appreciate the substantial roll after landing that the K can predictably generate.

There are four standard shaft offerings provided by Titleist for the K. Me, I’m a titleist 983k myself. The Titleist 983k I believe has a little smaller head and a deeper face.