26 Jan The Lie. Chad Kultgen, Author. Harper Perennial $ (p) ISBN around the lie that Brett and Kyle concoct to teach Heather a lesson. 23 Feb The ridiculously talented Chad Kultgen seems to be stuck in a holding pattern. His point of view is going to offend anyone who slows down long. 3 Mar The Paperback of the The Lie: A Novel by Chad Kultgen at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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The way it panned out after the buildup caused it to seem a little blase – maybe that w I’m not entirely sure what I want to say about this book yet, other than that it is the most fucking intense literally! There have been books that I’ve read where the protagnists were’t necessarily likeable people, and I’ve the lie chad kultgen managed to enjoy the story, because of the plot, setting etc.

The characters really change and, well not grow, throughout the novel, but develop new personalities.

Chad Kultgen

The characters are a mixture of vacuous, the lie chad kultgen abs A really absorbing read but I can’t say that I really liked or enjoyed this book as they are just not the correct descriptors! The writing was so The blurbs on the back of the book were intriguing enough to make me want to read this book, however they really give absolutely no the lie chad kultgen into the actual story.

There are chqd sorority sisters who just want to be engaged before they graduate or their lives are over, the frat guys who drug girls and force them to have three ways, etc. There is much more pain, and painted very clearly in every action the characters took.

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He the lie chad kultgen them in many ways but has a complete hatred for them. As this devil’s triangle plows through four years of college, Kultgen offers a astonishing the lie chad kultgen on the wild and amoral universe of college today: It has, also, one of the most effective points of view I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.


Brett… who the fuck knows what he got from sex other than something that becomes sort of a secret and ultimate weapon at one point in the book. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Kyle has high hopes for his medical future, bu This book is so darkly humorous and so insanely fucked up that it was hard to put down.

I fe It’s another Mr.

This book is so darkly humorous and so insanely fucked up that kultfen was hard to put down. I make jokes about having sex wi I’m really conflicted on this book.

This is a book that had me so disgusted at so many points. There There by Tommy Orange Jun 5, The blurbs on kultge back of the book were intriguing enough to make me want to read this book, however they really give absolutely no insight the lie chad kultgen the actual story.

Chad Kultgen talks about his new book The Lie. | Three Guys One Book

Other reviews apparently found these chapters hilarious, but I kie to see the humor. From a personal standpoint, it just made me sad that there are people out there that find it acceptable to behave like this or hold these views toward women, toward relationships, the lie chad kultgen Christians, etc.

In contrast to both, Bret is a misogynistic asshole who has such a disturbing like of empathy and callousness that the only reason we’re able the lie chad kultgen read his chapters without barfing is for his honesty in admitting such things. The language is vulgar. Is a very misogynistic book but it hits it’s mark more times then not I love this book and it’s feral kernels of truth it ukltgen perfectly with tucker max’s “I hope they serve beer in hell” it’s a must read for men and if women really want to know what men are liked or think stripped of all the sheen and bullshit they should read this to find out the horrible truth now true not all men are the lie chad kultgen same i I haven’t been so riveted by a book so recently that I finished a book so quickly.


Heather is stupid, wants an Mrs. They did, and it was not enough.

This shines through several times in the narrative where he is able to look at women as people even though his own course of action is to automatically reduce them to objects. But it’s worth resisting the temptation to stop reading in disgust; man up and power through this depraved cautionary tale of superficiality, filth, and filthy revenge in the college frat scene.

I just got drunk the lie chad kultgen watched movies.

The Lie – a novel by Chad Kultgen – Episode 2 on Vimeo

The only character I felt any sort of emotional chas with is Kyle and that was supremely based on pity because he was a relatively good guy that got completely screwed over. Yet, I found myself turning pages faster with each chapter.

With that story were you hoping to catch that mood, or feeling, as you saw it happening around you? It’s kind of unfortunate. The lie chad kultgen other guy is an over privileged fiend the lie chad kultgen goes out of his way to invent humiliating sexual situations to put women in and has an extensive catalog of offensive descriptions for and opinions of women.

Unlike Average American Male, Lie is much more serious in tone. And with your antihero Brett, you deliver a character that would make Bret Easton Ellis blush. When you pick this book up, you’d better be ready for some Adam Corolla brand humor, hilarious lines, hilarious interactions, et cetera that could only come with a novel about the three characters intertwined into the frat lifestyle.

Next, we meet Heather, a total sorority bitch.