Move the custom filter to the Selected resources: The following article describes how to do this: The Name field identifies this filter. Read the White Paper. This filter includes all computers that have a Status of Active, including both servers and workstations. Other products install their own filters as well, more specific to their needs. Do not include critical information in the description because it is not intended to appear in all the lists that contain the name.

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You can create a filter that finds all the computers that have any one of the three versions.

You can create a filter that finds managed computers by the software symantec filter is installed on them. For example, you can create a filter for all the computers that contain Norton AntiVirus symantec filter In symantec filter Filter Definition drop-down box select Query Mode: It automatically categorizes billions of URLs into over 80 pre-defined categories that can be easily managed by IT administrators.

When working with filters the easiest approach is to create a filter for all the computers symantec filter have the software sy,antec by following the steps above, then creating a second filter that explicitly excludes the ysmantec filter. In Notification Server, you symwntec create a filter for any type of resource so that you can isolate certain resources into narrow groups. Sometimes the Installed Software and Installed Software by Computer reports or Installed Software filters cannot be fine tuned enough to show which computers have certain software applications installed.

How computer filters work

Where are filters located at? Give the filter an appropriate name and then click Save changes.

Find out why you need threat risk levels and how to effectively deploy risk levels symantec filter the Web Isolation technology. How do I create filters?

Creating a filter for installed software

These update once per hour, or when the user manually updates them by clicking on the “Update membership” button. When you create a filter for installed software from the Software view, the SQL query is filte for you.

You can use the filters to symantec filter the resources to act upon throughout Symantec filter Server. A simple example query is provided below that excludes all computers that have Symantec Endpoint Protection installed. The software list shows the selected software resource and any symantec filter resources with which it has a supersedence association. Filters do not automatically update when accessed.

There are several ways to create filters. A filter should symantec filter be confused with a report.

How computer filters work

Computer symxntec are designed to enable Altiris administrators to push policies, updates, patches, images, etc. With Symantec filter, enterprises can customize and deploy threat risk control policies based on their specific business needs and risk tolerance levels.

Symantec filter the report an appropriate name and then click Save Changes.

Symantec Management Platform 7. Other products install their own filters as well, more specific to their needs.

When symantec filter with the Blue Coat ProxySG, you have the most accurate and granular web application control policy engine for your entire web protection. A report shows a list of assets, which can have any Status type.

Delete the default query under Parameterized Query and paste in the query that was symantec filter above.

Creating a filter for installed software. How symantec filter create a new Update Filter Membership task to update a filter’s membership http: To eliminate these results add AND statements at the end of the query to exclude symantec filter unwanted software components based symantec filter parts of their names that are not in the desired software component names in symantec filter example “plugin” and “Update” are excluded: For example, three different FTP clients are installed throughout your organization and you symamtec to standardize on one specific FTP client.

Introducing Threat Risk Levels. Move the custom filter to the Selected resources: You can create a filter that finds any of the three existing FTP client applications.