This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Such A Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry. Such a Long Journey () by Canadian-Indian. Mistry does something that only the really natural writers can do: without apparent effort, manipulation or contrivance, he creates characters you like instantly and. Editorial Reviews. Review. Mistry does something that only the really natural Such a Long Journey – Kindle edition by Rohinton Mistry. Download.

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In the book made headlines when it was withdrawn ssuch the University of Mumbai ‘s English syllabus after complaints from the family of the Hindu nationalist politician Bal Thackeray. Here goes the review. I’m definitely looking forward to the remaining two novels considering Mr.

It would have been easy for the author to condemn Gustad to logn shades of tragedy if he had been so inclined. Might they spend it? This page was last edited on 16 Julyat He is the one reasonable voice amidst the ongoing dramas of his neighbours.

Such a Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry

Eventually he gets some actual problems and that is when the story gets inte I know this book is considered a classic, so I feel like I should have enjoyed it more than I did. Such a Long Journey, by Rohinton Mistry. It is limited to one family; they have less wuch problems, and it is a shorter, quicker read than “A Fine Balance”. Jan 22, Mahima rated it really liked it.

I know this book is considered a classic, so I feel like I should have enjoyed it more than I did. Jul 02, Maya Lang rated it really liked it. Those who like to read Indian Literature. As dohinton role in the politics of his time becomes better known, Gustad starts to find death threats at work and various murdered animals lying at the foot of his door.

The characters are likeable, Set in Bombay inas India prepares for a war with Pakistan over what becomes Bangladesh, it tells the story of the family of Gustad Noble.

He learned to disdain the overlong sojourn and the procrastinated departure, for they were the progenitors of complacent misyry, to be shunned at all costs. Print Paperback and Hardback.


Books by Rohinton Mistry. A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebookpp. Jourbey on a complaint, the Board of Studies Englishwhich had recommended the book earlier, resolved that it must be withdrawn with effect from September In a violent street fight, Tehmul, the tragic cripple into whom Dilnavaz drew her son’s evil demons, dies while trying to catch a brick.

Want to Read saving…. But I quickly realized that there were so many different characters that they all began to feel like filler as well.

Dinshawji’s hospitalization, death, and funeral force Gustad to contemplate anew the mysteries of life. Gustad’s superstitious wife, Dilnavaz, falls under the sway of an upstairs neighbor who practices both black and jokrney magic. Gustad bears many grudges from the past, which have limited his possibilities.

Such A Long Journey Summary

The only soul in his household who never gives him trouble is his prepubescent son, Darius. I am in awe of his writing skills and his expansive knowledge. Despite having no twist or climax this long journey with Parsisis a beauty.

His second n Rohinton Mistry is considered to be one of the foremost authors of Indian heritage writing in English. It is brilliantly written in what I would call trademark Mistry language having now read a whole two of his books!

Feb 14, Rucha rated it it was amazing. Although the sacred wall is demolished, so too is the limiting, bleak past. Random moments remind you of random events that are jourbey in strange ways.

Such a Long Journey Summary

Not for this fly. Initially the war is there only as grim headlines, the refugee relief tax- something that Gustad consistently ignores -the fellow has enough on his plate but the war catches up with journney in a totally unexpected way!

So it is with Rohinton Mistry, and whilst this as his first novel isn’t quite the masterpiece that he would produce with ‘A Fine Balance’ is still a wonderful portrait of India in the ‘s and MIstry has the ability to create a story about a man rohunton his family and their domestic struggles and emotions whilst allowing you to see the corruption of the state and particularly the government of Indira Ghandi rohijton whilst the reader comes away having been moved by a brilliant novel he has absorbed a piece of political history.

The agreeable neighborhood and the solidity of the long, black wall were reawakening in him the usual sources of human sorrow: His balanced life is suddenly running off the track while he tries to manage things single-handedly.


Meanwhile, no medicine seems to be working on Roshan and what appeared at first to be an unpleasant illness may be the death of her. To watch the small attempts to rise above these circumstances, lonh escape to something better is distressing But just as with A Fine Balance, I wish he did not make the disgusting so aptly disgusting–I could actually smell the dirt and the squalor by just reading the passages describing that!

I really enjoyed this book. He meets with Bilimoria who is bed-ridden and in prison, overheated by an illness, and speaks with menacing, if occasionally confused talk. Following this incidence the book entered public debate. The character of Dinshawji, in particular, is quite disturbing and his attitude toward women is utterly reprehensible. A tragic and mentally deficient young man wanders about, delivering messages and playing.

This fly at the funeral home does not know about the fly in Gustad’s house rohiinton the one in Gustad’s bank. Fiction can function in a similar way; but as stated above, too many different threads can be cumbersome, particularly if they don’t come together or if they don’t become resolved by the end.

The people protest and several die. It’s most probably my fault and not the book’s that I didn’t enjoy it to the fullest for what it was. Bigger than any pavement project he had yet undertaken, it made him restless. The whole story about the money being kept in their house for instance had great potential — would they be robbed?

I still felt I was kept at a comfortable distance where in AFB I, as a reader, felt Rkhinton was being made a part of the misery and happines I really enjoyed this book.

Governor General’s Award for English language fiction recipient It took a long time for me to feel invested in these characters.