Have you searched the Internet for the elusive STRF? read this. I was recently called to repair a brand new Zec TV ZTST in Nairobi, Kenya, which was. STRF Original New Sanken Regulator IC’s. Pin-out of this IC: 3 pins – curved to the front 2 pins – curved inward. ☞ Don’t be disappointed – Trust only. Do whatever you want with a Strf Pdf: fill, sign, print and send online instantly. Securely download your document with other editable templates, any time.

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Strf6456 following morning I discovered to my chagrin, that no distributor on the globe had the SMPS chip. I now did what cured the fault – resoldered the chroma strf6456. I decided to remove one and strf6456 picture size was reduced considerably. It was one of the many repair-generated failures.

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Strf6456 had no service diagram but strff6456 checks on the outputs of the chopper transformer showed the HT was at v which looked strf6456 range for a 29″ chassis. Strf6456 was no horizontal hold or centering pots. The vertical output stage had no height control adjustment, linearity etc.

I examined three bulky ceramic capacitors all connected in parallel strf6456 of 2. The others auxiliary output strf6456 fine. The chip was not listed anywhere, or anywhere else on the Internet, at least srf6456 English.


Suspicion now fell on the the processor which was being fed a good 5v by a strf6456 regulator.

The set remained on strf6456. I visited the web site of Allegromicro which also strf6456 with Sanken products. Long live information sharing!

I switched off the set and on again but the set could not come out of standby. I removed connectors checked for dry joints and hairline cracks and resoldered the pins. To allow the chip strf64566 operate strf6456 AC volts I reduced the startup resitor connected to terminal strf6456 of the chip to 68K 2watts.


The frequency of strf6456 line oscillator strf6456 present but the screen remained blanked. The cause of the height and EW error was TACP chip described by Toshiba as a “deflection distortion correction chip” for the “flat” strf6456.

I was greeted by a beautiful raster and clear picture but strf6456 pictures on the screen were minus their heads, there was an EW fault too.

I was about to say strf6456 The OSD was present.

Things remained unchanged with a dummy load. I advanced the screen pot and was greeted by retrace lines with a severe pincursion distortion.


No-one could tell what the preacher on the TV was holding! They read fine on the ESR meter. Strf6456 tried things with the vertical section, adding resistive loads to get a clue strf6456 the source of the fault and checked all passive components, strf6456 the fault was not in the vertical section and no remedial action could set back things. Click links to view our Site Terms and Privacy Policy. Strf6456 chose STRF and compared strf6456 with strf6456 layout of my power supply, they looked the same.

My first suspicion fell on str6f456 power strf6456.

Strf – STRF Integrated Circuit | eBay

Use of this site deems your acceptance of these terms. The set came to life albeit with an increased height. Strf6456 power supply worked strf6456 and it still works. They have a pdf file of the superabundantly available STRF66XX series with good information on its configuration and specs.

I visited the strf6456 manufacturers web strf6456, Sanken. There was no remote control function and the preset control function were not working.