22 Jul The Safety system on chapter II-2 of SOLAS is known as Fire Safety System Code (FSS code).It includes ISC,fire fighting system,fire suit,fire. 23 Sep “Equipment” includes appliances. “FSS Code” means the International Code for Fire Safety Systems, published by the IMO. “FTP Code” means. The amendments to SOLAS and the Fire Safety Systems (FSS) Code adopted by IMO Resolutions MSC(91) and MSC(91) will enter into force on 1.

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The use of a fire-extinguishing medium which, in the opinion of the Administration, either by itself or under expected conditions of use gives off toxic gases, liquids and other substances in such quantities as to endanger persons shall not be permitted. The alarm arrangement shall be such as to ensure that the pressure in slop tanks in combination carriers can be monitored at all times; high-gas pressure; and failure of the power supply to the automatic control system.

For this purpose, nominal area shall be taken as the gross horizontal fffa of the area to be covered. The feeders shall be so arranged as to avoid galleys, machinery spaces and other enclosed spaces of high fire risk except in so far as it is necessary to reach the appropriate switchboards, and shall be run to an automatic changeover switch situated near the sprinkler pump.

This chapter details the specifications for emergency fire pumps as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention. Where several assembly stations are in one main vertical zone, the stairway width shall not decrease in the direction of the evacuation to the most distant assembly station.

Foam concentrates of the same type from different manufacturers shall not be mixed unless they are approved for compatibility.

The crew can then determine at the smoke sensing unit which cargo hold is on fire and operate the pertinent three-way valve for discharge of the extinguishing agent.

Occupant loads shall be rated by the designer for passenger and crew accommodation spaces, service spaces, control spaces and machinery spaces. Notwithstanding this, particular spaces may be disconnected, for example, workshops during hot work and ro-ro cod during on and off-loading.

The dampers shall be automatically operated electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically by means of remote control of the foam generator related to them, and arranged to remain closed until the foam generators begin operating. Foam delivery ducts shall be eolas of steel having a thickness of not less than 5 mm. Overzicht van meest recent bekeken documenten. Stairways and corridors with a clear width of 1, mm and over shall have handrails on both sides.


New requirements for fire-fighters’ outfits – SAFETY4SEA

Ships with self-diagnostic systems that have in place a cleaning regime for areas where heads may be prone to contamination may carry out testing in accordance with the requirements of the Administration. Unless expressly provided otherwise, the requirements of this chapter shall apply to ships constructed on or after 1 January In order to avoid delay in identifying the source of fire, the number of enclosed spaces included in each section shall be limited as determined by the Administration.

An emergency power supply is not required. Sample hydrocarbon gas is to be led to the atmosphere with outlets arranged in a safe location, not close to a source of ignitions and not close to the accommodation area air intakes; a manual isolating valve, which shall be easily accessible for operation and maintenance, shall be fitted in each of the sampling lines at the bulkhead on the gas safe side; the hydrocarbon gas detection equipment including sample piping, sample pumps, solenoids, analysing units etc.

The connection shall be kept aboard the ship together with a gasket of any material suitable for 1. For carbon dioxide systems, hanging bars for a weighing device above each ff row, or other means shall be provided.

Foam generators using outside air typically consist of nozzles enclosed within a casing that spray onto a screen. All sections of piping shall be provided with connections for flushing, draining and purging with air. Calculations shall be made seperately for the two cases of occupancy of the spaces specified below.

The hydraulic capability of the system shall be confirmed by the review of hydraulic calculations, followed by a test of the system, if deemed necessary by dfa Administration.

We are the last generation that can save the environment, WWF says. At least one solaw smoke accumulator is to be provided in the upper part of each exhaust ventilation duct.

Cat fines causing claims Margrete A Nordahl. The width of the stairways shall not be inferior to those determined by paragraph 2. Where stop valves are fitted, they shall be provided with locking arrangements. The generators shall be located behind main structures, and above and away from engines and boilers in positions where damage from an explosion is unlikely.

As an alternative to positive means of closure, an additional valve having such means of closure may be provided between the non-return valve and the first connection to the cargo tanks to isolate the deck water seal, or equivalent device, from the inert gas main to the cargo tanks.


The audible alarm sounders on the control panel and indicating units may be manually silenced. Fire Proof Lifeline Combination rope cove wire and nylon or hemp rope,complete with safety snap hook. The number of accumulators connected to each sampling pipe shall ensure compliance with paragraph 2. The horizontal spacing of the generators shall ensure rapid supply of foam to all parts of the protected space. If the box containing the controls is to be locked, a key to the box shall be in a break-glass-type enclosure conspicuously located adjacent to the box.

A minimum of two sooas shall be installed in every space. Arrangements shall be made to ensure that boiler soot blowers cannot be operated when the corresponding flue gas valve is open.

However, the Administration may permit such a section of sprinklers to serve more than two decks or be situated in more than one main vertical zone, if it is satisfied that the protection of the ship against fire will not thereby be reduced.

New requirements for fire-fighters’ outfits

Chapter 14 Fixed deck foam systems 1 Application 1. If sola is sensed, the repeater panel normally on the bridge automatically sounds an alarm not localized.

Dealing with container fires. Tests – Test A: Fared Khan, Wallem Ship Management. The arrangements shall consist of a mm nominal pipe size bolted flange, isolated from the inert gas main by a valve and located forward of the non-return valve. Dealing with container fires USCG launches competition to enhance boaters safety 1 Comment Akshay on at On ships constructed on or after 1 Julydetectors installed cofe cold spaces such as refrigerated compartments shall be tested using procedures having due regard for such locations 2.

Chapter 09 Fixed fire detection and fire alarm systems 1 Application 1. One of the sources of ccode supply for the alarm and detection system shall be an emergency source.

The monitors and hose connections shall be aft of any cargo tanks, but may be cove in the cargo area above pump-rooms, cofferdams, ballast tanks and void spaces adjacent to cargo tanks if capable of protecting the deck below and aft of each other. For acceptance, the Administration should consider the following minimum design features:.