View and Download SEKONIC FLASH MASTER L opearting manual online. FLASH MASTER L Test Equipment pdf manual download. Start-up Guide for the Sekonic L Exposure Meter You will use your camera in full manual mode, because you don’t need and don’t want to use its. 9 May Free Sekonic L Light Meter manual download in PDF format. Old (film) and new (digital) instruction manuals.

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Exposure compensation may be desired when requiring compensation for filters, bellows extension, etc.

There is danger of strangulation. When the channel number is 17 to 32, sub- channel A, b, c and d settings are displayed on the Sekonic l 358 manual indicator. You would now just use that reading to set your camera’s shutter speed.

Sekonic User Manuals – Quick Guides Download

Advanced Functions Memory function This meter can store up to nine measured values in memory. Don’t have an account? This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, 35. There are times when you want to pick your shutter speed first instead of the aperturesfkonic you don’t really mind what aperture you set — for example, in sports photography. You can switch sekonic l 358 manual Lumisphere in the up position or retracted position by firmly rotating the Lumisphere retracting ring q until it clicks.

But since you will never use them all at the same time, once you have learned all about it, it is simple and its use will become second sekonic l 358 manual. Now press the big black button on the side of the meter the activation button. You pick your desired aperture on the L, then it tells you what shutter speed to use with that aperture.


The batteries might break down, and cause injury or pollute the environment. Not that big of a deal but because of the size of the unit in my hand, I was unable to do this with one hand.

These act just like your cameras corresponding modes work except the meter is measure direct light hitting your subject vs your camera reading reflected light come back from your subject.

Again, even the first shots were perfectly lit. Switches And Pocket Wizard Module. Sekonic l 358 manual Flash Light 5. Set your lens’ aperture to this setting, and you’re manuual to go.

Sekonic Flash Master L instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Parts Designation q Lumisphere retracting ring! The third mode is identical to the last one except for using your flash wirelessly. For instance, if I wanted to change the ISO setting, I had to put down my camera or cradle it in my arm, hold down the button with one and and sekonic l 358 manual the sekonic l 358 manual wheel with another. When the light from the flash is received, the measured value f stop is displayed. Place the meter such that the white dome is sekonic l 358 manual to the light source Hope to see you!

Most of the time you will be using the light meter with the lumisphere extended but you also have the ability to retract it to meter more directional light. For explanation purposes, the display illustrated here shows all icons and readouts simultaneously. Press the Measuring button!

Measurement Cinematography 1. Now your ready to go. Basic Operation When set for incident light Incident light measurements can be performed with the lumisphere fully extended or in the retracted position.


Sekonic L-358 User Manual

JIS standard water sekonic l 358 manual class mnaual, splash-proof type Memory function: Under such conditions, it is recommended that you use the meter in the Cordless flash mode or wireless flash radio triggering mode, and keep the Synchro terminal cap in place. First is the ambient metering mode which has two sub-modes, shutter-priority and aperture-priority.

The last method is only available when the optional Pocket Wizard module is installed in the back of the unit. If you’re new to metering strobes, then let’s keep things simple for now: Wekonic S Next Post. The L offers four metering modes. Hold down the Mode set sekonic l 358 manual

Turn the Jog wheel to set the desired f stop value. And that means you can dial in your aperture, and the meter will give you a suggested shutter speed reading for the light you’re sekonic l 358 manual. Page of 40 Go. This is by far the best option if you already use Pocket Wizards as it will trigger the flashes remotely the instant you hit the measure button.

While pressing the MODE button, turn the dial until the box is around the lightning bolt with “C” figure. The battery compartment on the back also houses a couple extra things.

Measurement Cord multiple flash cumulative mode These measurements are used when the manuql generated by the flash is sekonic l 358 manual for proper exposure.