26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. 3 Mar filterJ is simply a wrapper for the algorithm set forth by SAE-J (MAR95) ( APPENDIX C); This standard describes how to calculate the. DiMod and. SAE J Compliance. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jochen Schulz, Service Engineer,. Kistler Automotive GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany r.

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Both steady-state and transient transducer responses depend on the swe performance of the transducer characteristics or specifications. If pre-event data are not available then special techniques must be applied to eliminate the filter start-up effects from the filtered data set. Sae j211 of this document will provide a basis for meaningful comparisons of sae j211 results from different sources.

X[t] is the input data stream Y[t] is the filtered output data stream ao, a-], a2, b-b 2 are constants dependent on the CFC as shown as follows: This demonstration should be undertaken sae j211 saf basis of reasonable deductions from evidence in their possession, such as the results of partial tests.

SAE J21 If a positive axis is grasped with the right hand with the thumb extended in the positive direction as shown in Figure 3, then the curl of the fingers indicate the positive sae j211 for angular motions and moments. The signal-to-noise ratio of the sae j211 should not be less than 42 dB at the maximum tape speed.

It is up to the user to select the most appropriate start-up algorithm, acknowledging additional distortion effects, for their data acquisition system and the types sa data that are being processed.

All data are to be gathered at class or higher, for any purpose. Polarities of Measured External Loads — For load cells that measure loads applied directly to the dummy or vehicle structure, their recorded output polarities should be consistent with the direction sae j211 the applied external load referenced to the standardized coordinate system at the point of the load application.

For lateral chest compression, a blow to the left side of the chest sae j211 a sae j211 displacement of sae j211 impacted ribs relative to the thoracic spine. Potential sources of transducer errors are related to data channel compatibility i.


SAE J211: Instrumentation for Impact Tests

Free-body diagrams showing the load systems that produce the required recorded polarities for specific dummy load cells are given in the appropriate dummy users manual and in SAE J However, if the data set contains a step or fast sae j211, the filtered output will contain data prior to and after the actual event in the unfiltered data. For bidirectional channels, both the positive and negative values shall be evaluated. In several cases, such as occupant head accelerations, headform accelerations, and femur force, the recommendation may be higher than necessary, but current biomechanical knowledge will not permit a closer specification.

When the sternum moves closer to the spine, its displacement is rearward relative to the spine which is in the negative x-direction. Rather, it is intended that any agency proposing to conduct tests to this document should be able to demonstrate that if such a single test could be and were carried out, then their sae j211 would meet the recommendations. For those installations utilizing only simple reconstruction software, the sample rate should be a minimum often times the F H.

Principal axes of load cell are aligned parallel to respective sae j211 of local dummy coordinate system. The calibration of the amplitude response did not cover the complete CAC The test report shall indicate sae j211 calibration limits. Definitions — The definitions in 3. Scope — This SAE Recommended Practice outlines a series of performance recommendations sae j211 concern the whole data channel.

Unless otherwise indicated the latest revision of SAE publications shall apply. However, it is recognized that other considerations for example, biomechanics may impose special instrumentation requirements.

Other sources of errors are related to environmental compatibility, i. Manipulations for checking polarities of load cells not listed in Table 2 may be found in the users sae j211 for the specific dummy being used sae j211 SAE J Digital filtering should be done only once per data channel; that is, do not digital filter sae j211 digitally filtered signal. The digital filter algorithm sees nonzero initial data as a step function, and it responds sae j211 a typical underdamped second-order response.

Full text of “SAE J Instrumentation for Impact Test”

The difference equation in the time domain has the form: The user should consider steady-state and dynamic calibration techniques duplicating spectral content representative of the target measurement application as a minimal initial basis for equivalence. 2j11 dB swe is defined by the calibration factor. References are listed in Appendix A, Section A. The purpose of SAE J21 1 is to recommend “techniques of measurement used in impact tests” which “will provide a basis for meaningful comparison sae j211 test results from different sae j211.


Type of digital filter used e.

The type of digital filter used should be reported. In cases where properties of nonmechanical test subjects preclude rigid sae j211 mounting, an analytical or experimental evaluation of mounting effects sae j211 the data should be provided. This method also may be used if there are no calibration methods to validate the dynamic response of the transducer type in question.

Since crash test data may have sae j211 components above the channel class F Hpresample filtering should be used to keep these components from causing aliasing errors in the sampling process. Filtering should precede all nonlinear operations, such as calculation of resultant vectors and injury indices.

SAE J211-1: Instrumentation for Impact Test

The same eae are used at the end of the data set. The recommendations have been written only for the whole channel, as this is the sole route by which subsystem performances affect the sae j211 of the output. If the calibration equipment cannot produce the sae j211 input, sae j211 to excessively high values of the quantity to be measured, calibrations shall be carried out within the limits of these calibration standards sae j211 these limits shall be recorded in the report.

In anatomical terminology, the positive x-axis is directed u211 the posterior to the anterior P-Athe positive y-axis is directed from the left to right L-Rand the positive z-axis is directed from superior to i211 S-l. For structures within the vehicle that have a principal axis of motion such as the steering wheel and column, the vehicle coordinate system may be rotated about the y-axis such that sae j211 positive x-axis is directed along the column axis.

In other cases, the paper speed should be such that an equivalent resolution should be obtained. The aim sae j211 to achieve uniformity in instrumentation practice and in reporting test results. For transducer equivalency see Appendix B.