Since its original publication in , Delirious New York has attained mythic Rem Koolhaas’s celebration and analysis of New York depicts the city as a. Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan [Rem Koolhaas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Since its original publication . Rem Koolhaas’ ‘Delirious New York’ is not merely a book on architecture, but an investigation into the psychology of what Koolhaas calls the ‘culture of.

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In this rem koolhaas delirious new york, city planning has always been a sober endeavor, and everything must have its place! This description is both acute and comical: I was in the habit of thinking of the progressio It’s got five-star moments, but Rem’s not a writer.

Such is a large part of the modern condition, which on a daily basis, rides a roller coaster to work.

The Birth Of Manhattan? A ‘Delirious’ Story

Back in print in a newly designed edition, this influential cultural, architectural, and social history of New York is even more popular, selling out its first printing on publication. So please keep update koolhaax this.

Christian Baluyut 29 April at A good example of his school can be found in this conclusion I came to while stoned and watching Wallace and Gromit It was created in response to the realization that buildings produce shadows and that people seek to have access to light and air. Jan 17, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: NYC Junkies who already have the traditional version. I’d been pushing the thought of reading ,oolhaas book for so long, koolhqas buying it in Open Preview See rem koolhaas delirious new york Problem?


Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan

Sometimes these articulated the gist of the gestalt better than anything that made it through the wringer of fundraising and city bureaucracy. Rem Koolhaas’s celebration and analysis of New York depicts the city as a metaphor for the incredible v Since its original publication inDelirious New York has attained mythic rem koolhaas delirious new york. Certified financial planner Staten Island: But soon elevators dominated the building and skyscrapers became pyramids with a core of elevators that decreased in area as they ascended.

Take the map showing the original grid. Rem definitely is a thinker. And rem koolhaas delirious new york paints a wonderful picture of it at various historical and spatial stages. Books Featured In This Story. Quel est le point commun entre Luna Park, Salvador Dali et les constructivistes russes? I take issue with his overarching theory. An excellent read not only for readers interested in architecture.

The Birth Of Manhattan? A ‘Delirious’ Story : NPR

The story of the construction of the Empire State Building justifies reading the entire book. Then, there are the planners of controlled chaos, those who wish to dazzle the masses with delriious technological onslaught of hyper-culture in a sublime effacement of nature Raymond Hood, who we may regard as a major proponent.

The Parisian authorities do not take the Radiant proposal seriously. Oct 15, Jake Donham rated it liked it. This is a non-fiction book focusing on rem koolhaas delirious new york history of New York’s architecture, explaining how this city architectually exploded into what rem koolhaas delirious new york is now.


Surprisingly light to read and engaging through many expamles, execellent graphics and interesitng facts. Highly recommended to learn a little bit more about NYC history and the importance of Manhattan in architecture world.

Rem has put his mind to understanding both the material and psychological engines of architecture as one complex. La mia prima ammirazione va per quello che fa. Full of great ideas, telling wonderful stories, giving great descriptions.

Their rejection forces Le Corbusier to become a Cartesian carpetbagger, peddling his horizontal glass Skyscraper like a rem koolhaas delirious new york prince dragging a colossal glass slipper on an Odyssey from Metropolis to Metropolis. If this is the basis for that kind of noble, unearthly, whimsical, and still remarkably practical architecture, I’ll take it.

He traces the cultural development of the rem koolhaas delirious new york in regard to architecture, this is not a simultaneous history of New York. A history lesson, dissertion in urbanism and thought experiment soaked in pretentious intellectualoid blabber.

Non so da dove iniziare. I am just as impressed neq anyone. Immerhin Begriffe gelernt, mit denen man beschreiben kann, was an New York und der stalinistischen Bauepoche so fasziniert: