QTP Shortcut Keys Reference Card Navigation: Open QTP Help >> in that search box type Shortcut Keys >> below displays >> in that click on >> for menu. I am Preparing QTP Certification Exam. So I Collected shortcut keys in QTP I want to share this information to all. thats the only. 31 Mar Command Press File Menu New Test CTRL + N Open Test CTRL + SHIFT + N Business Component > New CTRL + SHIFT + O Business.

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Provide some sample QTP script which is developed in Unix and linux.

Reverses the last command or deletes the last entry you typed. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

Navigates to the definition of the selected function. Qtp shortcut keys on March 18, at Rename the Object in Object Repository. Shortcut Ctrl Key Combinations: It usually make things easier and faster while scripting.

For Standard Output Values. Deepak Vishwakarma on October 25, at Download and install the Windows Scripting Host. For qtp shortcut keys you need to put the cursor where you want to insert the checkpoint. Toggles between the Keyword View and Expert View. Go shortut Function Definition Navigates to the definition of the selected function.

Quick Test Professional Tutorials: Shortcuts for Standard Checkpoint in QTP

In these cases you can use SendKeys method to send keyboard input to your application. Reverses the action of the Undo command. Available only after running a method using Step Into. Copies the table selection and puts it on the Clipboard. The help does not provide more light on sending keys with Alt or ctrl.


Abbu on May 18, at If you recorded the script then just go to the active screen qtp shortcut keys select the object and right click, select the Insert Standard Qtp shortcut keys option and in the checkpoint properties window select the Radio button option to insert before the current step or after the current step.

Go to Moves the cursor to a particular line in the test.

QTP – Debugging

Sometimes we face SSL error in Chrome while trying to sshortcut an application. I am passionate qtp shortcut keys designing Automation Qtp shortcut keys that are effective and easy to maintain.

Comments out the current row, or selected rows. It just does not perform the job it has to. How to access name of a node in a javatree in UFT? F12 is the keyboard shortcut key for Standard Checkpoint.

Shortcut Keys In UFT QTP – Full List and Frequently used keys

Switch between Data Table sheets. Pastes the contents of the Clipboard to the current table selection.

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The value needed for the PressKey method is the decimal value. I don’t take credit for ,eys. You can search the table by row qtp shortcut keys column and specify to match case or find entire cells only.

Switch between Keyword View and Expert View. Submit qtp shortcut keys Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Opens the Qtp shortcut keys Generator. I am trying to automate the outlookthe problem persists as eac objects ont he left hand shortcuf of the outlook are identifiable as winobject with each and every property are same.

Get updates in your email box Complete the form below, and we’ll send you our recent update. Dictionary Object in QTP. Finds a cell containing specified text and replaces it with different text. Anonymous on September 9, at Opens an existing business shorgcut scripted component.

Save my name, email, and website qtp shortcut keys this browser for the next time I comment. Finds a cell containing specified text. The Device Replay feature is used to perform mouse and keyboard actions against screen qtp shortcut keys that are provided.