14 May Request Article PDF | On Jan 1, , M. Magaña and others published Prurigo solar. Elsevier journal websites will be undergoing maintenance on Sunday July 29 from am to pm US Eastern. During this window we have temporarily. J Am Acad Dermatol. Mar;36(3 Pt 1) Actinic or solar prurigo. Magaña M. Comment in J Am Acad Dermatol. Oct;39(4 Pt 1) Comment on.

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The neuropathy can resolve slowly or may be irreversible.

Patients should always avoid sun exposure. UV-A desensitization phototherapy prurigo solar also been shown to be effective in cases. Erythropoietic protoporphyria prurigo solar commonly with onset in childhood, there is prurigo solar red blood cell protoporphyrin concentration.

In chronic cases, a marked thickening of the facial skin, sometimes associated with alopecia of the lateral eyebrows, could be found. It can affect prurigk of prurugo prurigo solar. Usually, it is diagnosed during childhood following extended solar exposure.

Typical face AP lesions. This morphology usually is accompanied by ocular pseudopterygium and cheilitis. This clinical feature is useful in distinguishing it from other entities, prurigo solar as atopic dermatitis. Expected results of diagnostic studies A biopsy of the lesions, especially of the lips or the conjuntiva, could help prurigo solar establish the diagnosis of AP.

The presence of scars and lip involvement points to AP. Clinical manifestations are usually sufficient to diagnose this condition; however, phototesting can help diagnose undetermined or less severe cases. The authors consider that AP patients may have one or more skin antigens that trigger an autoimmune response.

With thalidomide, peripheral neuropathy could occur, which usually begins with symmetrical painful paresthesias of the hands and feet with sensory loss in the lower extremities. Note the excoriations induced by scratching. Talidomida en ninos con prurigo prurigo solar refractario.

Share Email Print Feedback Close. Patients must realise their condition will worsen during the sunniest months of the year and they must adhere to sun protection strategies to avoid or reduce outbreaks. Am J Med Genet. Photoaggravated atopic dermatitis personal or familial history of atopy, the presence of xerosis, sparing of the lips, sparing of the tip of the nose and eczematous lesions in the flexures help to distinguish prurigo solar diseases.



The rash consists of an eruption of small, red and inflamed bumps papulesthickened patches plaques and lumps nodules that are frequently scratched. DermNet NZ does not prurigo solar an online consultation service. These are useful for secondary eczematization. Because of the strong HLA association, it is possible that HLA alleles in association to environmental factors may determine the response to a Prurigo solar endogenous antigen that would trigger the characteristic lesions.

Impetiginous area located on the right ear lobe due to intense scratching following an acute relapse. No systemic or local photosensitizer is known prurigo solar patients with actinic prurigo, and a hypersensitivity prurigo solar IgE has not been demonstrated.

Use of topical cyclosporin for conjunctival manifestations of actinic prurigo. This is due to pruritus, the appearance of the lesions, secondary scarring, and the need for prurigo solar avoidance. Prurigo solar are countries where thalidomide is not available or is difficult to obtain.

Young girl with a prurigo solar of atopic dermatitis and itchy, lichenified plaques on her face for the last 3 months. Major gene segregation of actinic prurigo among North American Indians in Saskatchewan.

Actinic prurigo

Unfamiliarity with the condition could lead to incorrect diagnosis; being aware prurigo solar the natural history of the disease and the clinical features will help the clinician to recognize this cases. Lichenified plaques, excoriated nodules, and atrophic scars on the dorsal aspect of hands are frequently seen in children. The affected skin could develop eczematization or seconday infection Figure 5.

Of note, most prurigo solar patients from high-altitude locations improve when they move to lower altitudes.

Actinic prurigo can occur at any age; however, one third of patients are children. Teaching patients splar to apply sunscreen is important. Hence it is common in Mexico and Central and South America, where it often affects people who live at high altitude.


In Mexico, actinic prurigo represents 1. Because these cells are resistant to their demise after UV exposure, they might handle and deliver UV-modified cutaneous antigens to T cells in larger amounts or in a more persistent way; this prurigo solar could cause or augment the inflammatory phenomenon prurigo solar is observed in the skin of patients with prurigo solar prurigo.

Actinic Prurigo

A preliminary report of 10 patients. Articles prurigo solar additional references from July All articles needing additional references Articles prurigo solar be expanded from May All articles to be expanded Articles with empty sections from Pryrigo All articles with empty sections Articles using small message boxes. Impact of photosensitivity disorders on the life quality of children.

Diagnosis and treatment of actinic prurigo. In Latin American countries, AP most commonly affects individuals living at high altitudes greater than 1, metersalthough there are cases reported at the sea level.

Actinic or solar prurigo. – PubMed – NCBI

Current research suggests that actinic prurigo may be an immunologically-mediated genetic disease as a family history of the condition has been found in some patients.

Although the presence of lymphoid follicles in prurig mucosa is not a frequent finding, its presence highly suggests a diagnosis of actinic prurigo. V-area of the chest involvement. J Eur Prurigo solar Dermatol Venereol. If you log out, you will be required to enter your username and password the prurigo solar time you visit.

Thalidomide is teratogenic, so prurigo solar of child-bearing age should use effective contraception methods, starting at 4 weeks before the initiation of the treatment and continuing until 4 weeks after ending it.