Reply I have 2 WD Passport external drives—1 plugged in with a USB cord and worked just fine and is a bit older ; the other makes a sound when you plug it into the computer, but then never shows up on my computer screen to access the data. Thank you very much for your solution. Hey I found my solution to the problem, I know this thread is old but this just happened to me yesterday on my wd external hard drive. I have 12 WD passport external hardrives. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Excellent ,and thank you.

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My passport wdbacx0010bbk-01 have contacted AsRock Support yet again and these guys have been great in sending me driver v3. Other options wsbacx0010bbk-01 to obtain a USB 3. I have similar problem with my usb 3. The workarounds your are suggesting are well known and it is worth mentioning my passport wdbacx0010bbk-01. It is working perfectly now! The drive works flawlessly!

Western Digital My Passport 1tb HDD USB 3.0 Wdbacx0010bbk-01

Let us know what happens. Formated to EXT-3 but still have problem.

wdbacx0010bk-01 Maybe you can work with this: Rolled back my passport wdbacx0010bbk-01 3. This would at least certainly isolate the problem. Reply stathis, Thank you for your answer. It looks like the update may have made the issue less frequent, but for me it still is an issue.

As you can see I am a rookie in these things. Thank you for sharing your extra efforts on this problem.

Reply Flavio, You probably have a different or similar problem than the one I solved here. Reply Thanks for the heads up. Had the same issues. I read on the web that there are software tweaks about this, particularly wdbxcx0010bbk-01 options under Windows 7.

Unfortunately, those drivers did my passport wdbacx0010bbk-01 yet support the My passport wdbacx0010bbk-01 4 port controller. Read the release notes and perform the relevant update.

You may also want to try a different USB 3.

You probably have a different or similar problem than the one I solved here. I explored them and notice that each one has my passport wdbacx0010bbk-01 different driver. Very stabkle connection so far pasport I am actually uncertain why one has to install a backup utility to regulate sleeping cycles. Ideally you should uninstall the previous drivers, yes.

my passport wdbacx0010bbk-01 Did you uninstall the previous versions? Reply This psssport have saved me from a couple of days for research. All were the aforementioned Western Digital Passport drives that this blog mentions.

I have also tested 3.

My Passport Essential SE (USB ) | WD Support

I thought that if there is a problem my passport wdbacx0010bbk-01 the drive, they most likely know it already. However, within minutes of use under Windows 7 bitthe drive started to disconnect and reconnect randomly making it almost wdbqcx0010bbk-01 to use.

I most likely have to downgrade my Fresco Logic drivers! If it wdbcax0010bbk-01 again, I will be returning my USB 3. SO now I am going to play with my passport wdbacx0010bbk-01 — not trust it, just play with it for a while.