A12 Standard Transition Coupler, Plain, Worldwide Design Pentair, CADDY, CADWELD, CRITEC, ERICO, ERIFLEX, ERITECH and LENTON are owned by. 18 May LENTON® Standard Couplers are designed to splice the same diameter bars where one bar is free to move and can be rotated. RMS is the appointed supplier in Southern Africa of the world renowned Erico Lenton Couplers, the most widely used method of mechanically splicing.

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Not currently Logged In – Login or Register. They are available to suit bar sizes 12mm to 40mm. lenton couplers

couplrs Lenton Form Saver provides structural integrity between two building segments such as precast lenton couplers or with in-situ pours. The Roe Group supply threaded bars for the following systems: For larger sizes a nut runner is recommended. The taper threaded design, like the complete family of Lenton couplers, provides load path continuity in tension, compression and stress-reversal lenton couplers.

This site requires a JavaScript enabled browser. For available sizes specific to the UK and Ireland, please download the Reinforcing Bar Couplers brochure lenton couplers this page.

Protects the thread on the bar against pollution and provides colour coding for designating the rebar size. MBT Transitional Couplers This type lenton couplers coupler allows bars of different diameters to be joined together and are made to order.

ET series couplers are used to connect reinforcing bars of the same diameter. Successfully re-engineered by Ancon, the IHR range of internal head restraints can now accommodate lenton couplers at coplers wall head of up to 75mm, extending the previous maximum of 50mm.

Available to suit bar sizes 12mm to 50mm. As a series of lockshear bolts are lenton couplers to a predetermined torque, they are embedded into the bar. Its ideal for eliminating protruding dowel bars in segmental pour lenton couplers and temporary openings.


Pacific Bolt Manufacturing Ltd. LENTON THREADING COUPLERS – Pacific Bolt Manufacturing Ltd.

lenton couplers They can be used when neither bar can be rotated and are lenton couplers in sizes 10mm to 40mm. MBT couplers require neither bar end preparation to form threads nor bar rotation to effect installation.

Lenton Form Saver splices outperform other systems because of their ability to develop strength requirements independent of lenton couplers cover. The P13 is used when the ongoing bar is restricted in its axial direction.

MBT Couplers A comprehensive range of reinforcing bar couplers available on request. The MBT Continuity coupler allows reinforcement to be extended at construction joints in concrete coupplers the need to drill lenton couplers otherwise damage the formwork at the construction joint locations.

MBT couplers can be used to join imperial, plain round or deformed coupplers bars. These tapered thread couplers are installed quickly and easily on site without the need lenton couplers specially trained personnel or expensive machinery.

For details of coupler types lenton couplers sizes relevant to each national approval please refer to lenton couplers relevant approval document, which coupldrs available on request. Latest Cluplers Ancon launches improved IHR Lenton couplers Restraint to accommodate 75mm gaps 06 Jul Successfully re-engineered by Ancon, the IHR range of internal head restraints can now accommodate gaps at the wall head of up to 75mm, extending the previous maximum of 50mm.

Order online in confidence: MBT coupler is ideal for use where space is limited.

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Please enable Javascript or upgrade your lenton couplers to access all the features. Impact tools must not be used. Lenton couplers square nailing plate. Their ease of installation, consistent performance and durability add value and integrity to your structure. The female thread is corrosion protected and is provided with a plastic screw-in cap.

Transition couplers for different bar sizes are available as well.


MBT Couplers | Ancon Ltd

CARES Approved Lenton Form Saver lenton couplers assemblies provide continuity and structural integrity to reinforced concrete construction in segmental pour applications. Unique blend configurations are also available. Brings the couple mouth against the formwork. Not all coupler types and sizes are relevant to the national approvals shown.

Sizes ET10, 12, 14, 16, lenton couplers, 25 and The bars are supported within the coupler lentoon two serrated saddles. Both couplers can be supplied in two pieces for application against formwork. At the same time the saddles bite into both the bar and the lenton couplers of the coupler.

Lenton Lock Couplers

MBT Transition couplers connect reinforcing bars of different diameters lentn are suitable for applications when neither lenton couplers can be rotated. The Lenton Form Saver is designed with the unique Lenton tapered threat system, and durable mounting plates ldnton easy attachment to forms.

Lenton Form Savers comply with the many leading approval bodies and holds various approvals. Examples include precast columns with the slab or beams, staircase to walls and wall to wall. The unique LENTON self-aligning taper-threaded design provides ease of installation, consistent performance and durability.

MBT couplers have been tested to show compliance with the lenton couplers design lenton couplers Installation is complete when the heads of all of the bolts are sheared off. Lenton Form Saver mechanical splices provide superior performance well beyond the yield strength of the reinforcing bar.

Designed to splice the same diameter bars where one bar can coup,ers rotated. Login Enquiry List 0. Bar Diameter 12 16 20 25 32 40 50 External Dia. Must be combined with a closure plug type Lenton couplers.