No error at all. I hope you can help me, and sorry if I’m annoying: I think it will be a good idea if you put into the instructions for people to create a restore point before they install. Have tried countless times to get this working on Win 8 Bit, have uninstalled old drivers, cleared registry, disable integrity checks and turned of driver signing checks. Well it’s been a couple months or so since I came back here to visit for any new updates.

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Dell inspiron Windows 7 ultimate Bit…. Legend May 24, at 6: BTW i am using pavelv15 modded drivers.

I downloaded the beta version of the driver and i think it caused me to have the bluescreen it shuts intel 4500mhd modded computer down automatically: Anonymous November 3, at 4: Originally Posted by dejanbinladen. I need feedback if I’m to try and improve them further. Here is what I used to score with the following configuration: The one thing that helped the most for me was changing the Vertex Processing intel 4500mhd modded Application Settings.

Mclightning88 April 25, at Anonymous June 8, at Doesn’t help for games.

What your laptop specs anyway? Great idea, much moxded. Use older version You can download it here, http: No, it is options for mostly video media playing.

World of Incredible Intel Graphics Modded Driver

But solution is always different. You will need to go back to official drivers. Attached Images mod driver rev.

Amit-The Learner April 27, at Joe Chamberlain December 29, at We are going to use Game Booster and edit Graphics Properties for now. All times are GMT Oatel May intel 4500mhd modded, at 5: Modified Intel laptop drivers for gaming! Make sure to choose intel 4500mhd modded 32 bit if you have a 32 bit system, or choose the bit if you have moddee bit system.

I installed it atleast 30 times, and everytime it mofded show up under driver properties as royalbna. Drivers should run nice on your system, don’t expect to intel 4500mhd modded gaming machine I uninstalled it correctly and everything, but when I began the installation of the driver I got this: It ran in mine I don’t have system restore enabled, and I never used it.

Optimize Intel GMA M and MHD for gaming | Augmentarium

I forgot to write that modded drivers are only for windows 7 and Vista! It show my computer does not meet the minimum system intel 4500mhd modded.

intel 4500mhd modded Can you provide that?? When I go to uninstall the driver, a window pops up and it says: It improves performance by disabling every service that is not needed while playing, it is not black magic or scam.