Gnanananda mayam devam sloka is for Lord Hayagreeva. One who chants memory power. Hayagreeva (Hayavadhana or Hayagriva), the lesser known Vishnu Avatar, Shri Kamal Netra stotra in Sanskrit (श्री कमलनेत्र स्तोत्रं). shrl hayagriva stOtram srl: srlmathe rAmAnujAya nama: Il shrl hayagriva stOtram ||. shrlmAn vEngkaTanAthArya: kavitArkika kEsarl ||. vEdAntAchAryavaryO me. 5 Feb Sri Hayagreeva Stotram (click for video). shrImaan.h ve~NkaTa naathaaryaH kavitaarkika kesarI. vedaantaachaarya varyo me sannidhattaaM.

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Hayagreeva Stotram – Learners Series Audio

He spreads His nectarine hayagriva stotram on the three worlds and renders them white. Veda-VedAnthams are not composed by anyone.

hayagriva stotram It is because of that the chiefs among DevAs enjoy their high posts and positions without oscillations i. They struggle even today hayagriva stotram their efforts to describe adequately Your SvarUpam, ThirumEni and Your anantha kalyAna hayagriva stotram they cannot see the limits shores to the ocean of Your glories.


Hence, the VedAs that originated from You salute You adoringly as the primary source and the ultimate goal of this prapancham.

Out of that moola prakruthi, You created MahAn-ahankAram and pancha bhUthams and gave them names and forms. The principal root for all these VedAs is the manthram celebrated as PraNavam. Afterwards, You pass on those tasty dtotram to the DevAs and make hayagriva stotram fully contented.

It is indeed hayagriva stotram foolishness on my part to engage in this impossible endeavour. Please consider me as one of Your children with limited intellect and shower on me Your mercy-laden katAkshams inspite of my saahasam boldness. At that time, You present Yourself in the form of the manthrams that they recite and receive their Havis Hayagriva stotram such as parched rice, pressed somA juice et al directly.

Then, You embodied them as well as entered into them as antharyAmi. His dhivya mangaLa vigraham is like hayagriva stotram hill made up of suddha spatikam gem crystal.

Such is their magnitude of Your countless glories! I am a fit object for Your auspicious and merciful katAkshams. SandhyA hayagriva stotram drive away our inner darkness. Copyright Sri Parakala Matham.


Hayagreeva Stotram – Learners Series Audio –

These VedAs are hayagriva stotram big trees with many branches. Inspite of it, adiyEn has come forward boldly to sing about those limitless glories. Hayagriva stotram also become their ultimate goal and destination. Before creation, this world was a shapeless and nameless mass moola prakruthi or avyAkrutham.

Prayers: Sri Hayagreeva Stotram

Brahma was totally incapable of performing his srushti duties as a result of the loss of the vedaas. The two asurAs by the name of Madhu and Kaitabhan stole those VedAs from Your son, when he was temporarily distracted. He was dumbfounded hayagriva stotram actionless.