Taking issue with the common assumption that existing human ethics can be ‘ extended’ to meet the demands of the ongoing ecological crisis, Patrick Curry. 17 Jul Ecological Ethics: An Introduction. Patrick Curry. Second edition, revised and expanded. Polity. July Find this book: We stand in the midst. PUBLICATIONS. Most of my published work concerns ecology (personal, political , ethical and spiritual as well as natural), divination (examined historically and.

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So nature not only has value in itself; it is the source of all values. This collection arose out of a conference at the University of Kent in In an early chapter on value, Curry notes the serious, if rarely mentioned, problem of the rise of economismwhich is the reduction of all historical and ecological ethics patrick curry realities to economics p. But this particular tomorrow never comes. And current ecological ethics patrick curry illustrate with startling clarity the real priorities — economic growth and development — which animate this and other governments.

He also writes on the political philosophy of R. This is an academic book. Curry falls neither into despair or premature optimism. The concluding chapters discuss green ethics as post-secular, moral pluralism and pragmatism, green citizenship, and human population in the light of ecological ethics. An Introduction Patrick Curry Limited preview – He teaches political theory, contemporary political philosophy and environmental politics.

He is finishing a book on philosophy and sustainability, provisionally entitled Ecofeminism is also considered in this context. ecological ethics patrick curry

In this new edition, all these have been updated and joined by discussions of climate change, sustainable economies, education, and food from an ecocentric perspective. Artificial Agents and the Expanding Ethical Circle.

Patrick Curry, Ecological Ethics: An Introduction – PhilPapers

Other ecoloogical discuss green ethics as post-secular, moral pluralism and pragmatism, green citizenship, and human population in the ecological ethics patrick curry of ecological ethics. This entry has no external links. Even were that to be true it palpably is not it would not be enough, for greenness is a matter of scale or degree and one can be very green even the greenest ever without being green enough. In promoting an ecological ethic, Curry does not shy from pointing out some of the consequences of his view nor from discussing what is required to encourage people to develop environmental virtues and commit to becoming environmental citizens.


Just what it says on the tin. Instead, if we are to reduce human populations, cool off the climate, end species extinctions, and create a sustainable civilization, what is ecological ethics patrick curry needed is radical change.

It is vital to move beyond what might be termed anthropocentric outreach. Deep Roots in a Time of Frost: My library Help Advanced Book Search. Vasilenko – – Russian Studies in Ecological ethics patrick curry 37 3: One does not have to lurch into misanthropy in a hurry to escape the perils of anthropocentricism.

Politics, ecological ethics patrick curry, fcological other social aspects were more important for most of human history than labour, trade, or making money.

Patrick Curry, Ecological Ethics – PhilPapers

Find it on Scholar. Focussing first on the major concepts of ethics – religious and secular – and value, Curry ecological ethics patrick curry examines the gradations of ecological ethics. There are many varieties of ethics which ecological ethics patrick curry some way or another maintain a little space for the environment: Other chapters discuss ecofeminism, green citizenship, green ethics as post-secular, moral pluralism and pragmatism, and human population in the light of ecological ethics.

This book is a major new introduction to the field of ecological ethics.


Ecological Ethics Patrick Curry PolityAug 29, – Philosophy – pages 0 Reviews In this thoroughly revised and updated second edition of the highly successful Ecological EthicsPatrick Curry shows that ecological ethics patrick curry new and truly ecological ethic is both ecological ethics patrick curry and urgently needed.

It sharply contrasts the humanities with technoscience, the dominant part of contemporary science that services the modern megmachine.


An account of English astrology in ecological ethics patrick curry heyday immediately prior to and during the English Civil War and subsequent decline from the Restoration through to the end of the eighteenth century. Sign in Create an account. In order to do so we need to radically reduce the human population, and end our environmentally destructive ways.

This site uses cookies to recognize users and allow us to analyse site usage. It will be of great interest to students and activists, and to a wider public. It is of course true that human beings have developed systems of ethics and advanced forms of reasoning.

Ecological Ethics

So ecological ethics patrick curry facts and values are part of history, natural and human, and they cannot be avoided in discussing the future of humanity on the planet. To find out more about cookies and change your preferences, visit our Cookie Policy. This is discussed by James, who argues we must not just limit population growth ecologcial, we must reduce our numbers to sustainable levels p.

In this revised, updated and expanded new edition, I argue that a new and truly ecological ethic is both possible and urgently needed. I have seldom read better. Sign in to use ecological ethics patrick curry feature. An Introduction by Patrick Curry Share: Currry Murdoch and Emmanuel Levinas.

To have complete access to the thousands of philosophy articles on this site, please. Worldly tehics Difference and Ecological Ethics: Finally, I argue that the hobbits are exemplars of how to live in relation to enchantment: Such connections between values and facts are commonplaces both of naturalist theory and evolutionary science.

Environmentalism ecological ethics patrick curry the Public Sphere.