The bridgeId specifies an element id of testjdbc, which can be defined in the same plug-in. Before, I had the information there to directly connect to the DB, which worked perfectly. And also can you send the sample on this? If the JAR file that you just unzipped still exists, then delete it so you only have the unzipped directory of the JAR file. I looked into ReportEngine. Stop the Jazz service that’s running.

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No se puede abrir la conexin para el controlador org. I have copied the 4 files for the db2 connection and orxcle get this error: Answers Answers and Comments.

The driverTye and birt oracle jdbc attributes must be supplied for the extension point. This is available in the birt runtime download. This plugin is exactly what I want. FAQ – How this Forum works.

The way you describe is fine.

General Purpose

You can either repeat the above steps for each org. Let me share the mistake i made. I’m on BIRT 2.

Questions Tags Users Badges. I created a plugin. The steps should be the same for Tomcat with the exception of the location of the temp directories in birt oracle jdbc oarcle The first should be the driverBridge and have values similar to the following: Thanks, but It didn’t work.

How to add a JDBC driver

Unfortunatly I’m using the birt designer and I don’t know how to create the deployable plugin. Exactly what files do i have to copy?

Sothat, it made my system be Out Of Memory Exception. Earlier about a year ago, we have prototyped the connection pooling solution using your subjdbc eclipse birt oracle jdbc. I tried to download this plugin as it is birt oracle jdbc copied it to BIRT plugins directory after adding few sysout. Saikiran, 1 – Shoule be the same VM. This is leading to performance problems.

JDBC and UCP Downloads page

The code works like a charm on Linux. You just added the driver files to the client.

Make sure to clear Tomcat’s work birt oracle jdbc. This plug-in would implement two extension points. May 24 ’11, I can find all the jars and plugins but I didn’t see any source code. Thanks so much for this code!

We are planning to use the plugin you described in the article. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Hi Jason Couple of questions: You have to write the code. This is determined by the driverType in the new extension.