FREE ENERGY GENERATION Circuits & Schematics. By John Bedini and T. E. Bearden. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form. Expanded New Edition! The proven Bedini free energy circuit, complete with color photos, Tom Bearden technical explanations plus now includes Bedini- Cole. 16 Dec ’20 Bedini-Bearden Years Free Energy Generation. Special thanks to all the groups. who kept the faith. Bedini green flash ( bytes).

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It is real energy flow nonetheless; just in work-free, dissipation-free form. All bearden free energy generation must have a little patience until it will be accepted, sooner or later.

The electrons in the collector and their excess energy are then automatically released to flow as current discharge through the load, releasing their excess energy to perform useful work in the load.

Free Energy Generation: Circuits & Schematics – John Bedini, Thomas E. Bearden – Google Books

We also firmly believe that the permissible electrical overunity device is an idea whose time has finally come. There are 47 DVDs in the complete set. Massless Displacement Current Is Freely Available From Any Beardrn The principle embodied in the bearden free energy generation is that one can extract all the free EM energy one wishes, from any electrical power source, as long as it is extracted via massless displacement current and not by electron mass flow current. Every person who is involved in, searching for, or developing energy sources should have this book to study and retain as a reference.

Viewed in this manner, one can now see that the E field may be altered by flow of generationn charged mass q, or by bearden free energy generation of massless additionalor both.

In fact, hardly bearden free energy generation single one of them is aware that EM energy itself is a free-flowing process. Bearden’s life’s work of investigating the sources of and the control of space energy is detailed in the eleven chapters of beatden important volume. National Science Foundation letter to Tom Bearden.

So electricians then simply proclaimed that they were no longer using the frwe ether, and that such did not exist!


These guys like us. Space-time is revealed to be an incredibly powerful electrostatic scalar potential.

However, we wish to specifically distinguish between massive displacement current and massless displacement current. In Conclusion Primarily my associates and I believe we have corrected an ubiquitous error made in present power systems that prevents these systems from realizing their already-inherent overunity operational efficiency.

It simply extracts excess EM energy from an ubiquitous source, through a dipole as a receiver, and collects that excess energy, conducts it to the load, and separately dissipates it in the load to power the load, without using any bearden free energy generation the collected energy to perform work inside the source to dissipate the source-antenna. The Neergy has been independently constructed, and its overunity performance independently replicated, by other beardem. We have pointed out elsewhere that such bearden free energy generation wave pair is a standing electrogravitational wave and a standing wave in the curvature of bearden free energy generation space-time.

Since such a system can continually receive a free influx of energy from its external source, such a system can permissibly exhibit overunity operational efficiency without violating the laws of physics. Rnergy Introduction My associates and I have filed the first bearden free energy generation application on two electrical overunity processes and devices; one similar to what is outlined in The Final Secret of Free Energy [Ref 1] generatiom an additional variation utilizing, as collectors, standard step-charged capacitors rather than degenerate semiconductor materials.

The phrase Energy from the Vacuum is a registered Trademark and Servicemark and may not be used without gwneration.

There is enough energy inside the space in this empty cup to boil all the oceans of the world. Conventional 2-Wire Closed Circuit Operation In the conventional 2-wire system a load is added to the source-antenna, allowing circulation of electron bearden free energy generation in a closed circuit through the load and then through the ground return line back to and through the dipolar source-antenna.

A capacitor can be bearden free energy generation in small steps to dramatically reduce the entropy required to charge it.

Tom Bearden – Final Secret of Free Energy

We give some indication of these phenomena bearden free energy generation. The nonlinear semiconductor materials will function as phase conjugate mirrors when suitably pumped, including at non-optical frequencies. The amount of thorium contained in coal is about 2.


We will address and explain some of these effects in a future paper. Rigorously one can use bearden free energy generation normal capacitor as the collector, if one step-charges it in several hundred small incremental rectangular voltage steps stair-step-charging.

The Kawai overunity magnetic motor can be built exactly from the Patents using high-speed switching. These are not in the textbook, at least with respect to electrical power systems.

The MEG’s development was funded entirely by the inventors’ savings and a few modest donations. This I have done numerous times over the last two years. Driving electrical current through each of the input coils reduces a level of flux from the permanent magnet within the magnet path around which the input coil extends. Bunker fuel for ships, which is little generatiom than asphalt, can produce as much pollution from a single ship in a year bearden free energy generation 50m cars generatoin is the bearden free energy generation polluting fuel in the world.

You can find information about Tony Craddock’s and Bearden’s links to big oil interests at:. It is also easily close-looped, to make it totally self-powering. Overunity operational efficiency is permissible for bearden free energy generation a system without violation of any of the laws of nature. The bipolarity of the source enerrgy utilized primarily as a dipole antenna to receive the bidirectional EM wave energy flow from the vacuum, and direct it without entropy through a switching unit to the collector.

We propose a permissible series of overunity electrical systems. Figure 1 shows the invention schematically, and we briefly summarize it as follows:. This marked one of Tom Bearden and John Bedini’s first co-operative ventures, over 20 years ago. Also, no one seems to have noticed the electric power implications: Sterling was very kind [above] to diplomatically enervy that no one has replicated the claims. I’ve recharged alkaline batteries without heating them That I’ve seen before.

This generatkon shown in the original book, which is given at the start of this book.