Elcometer Abrasive Soluble Salt Test Kit – ASTM D Abrasives used for blast cleaning surfaces can be contaminated with soluble salts due to the. 1 Dec ASTM D Standard Test Method for Conductimetric Analysis of Water Soluble Ionic Contamination of Blast Cleaning Abrasives. 23 Nov ASTM D – Standard Test Method for Conductimetric Analysis of Water Soluble Ionic Contaminatio.

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If you like to setup a quick demo, let us know at support madcad. Used to monitor recycled water to establish effectiveness of salt removal, astm d4940 test is ideal when mixing concrete and when washing steel. Note 1- Although not presented as a quantitative method, procedures presented in this practice may be used to p The cleanliness of the abrasive whether new or recycled is equally important.

Leave this field empty. Astm d4940 manufacturers may have performed laboratory analysis of the product, but this does not satisfy the requirements astm d4940 SSPC abrasive asgm. Although it may not be required by the specification, it is good practice to first conduct a test panel to confirm the planned method of surface preparation will meet the specification.

The container is shaken for about 1 minute and allowed to stand up to 5 minutes.


SSPC-AB s4940 requires additional field and laboratory tests for cleanliness to help ensure the abrasive recycling equipment is functioning properly and that the abrasive operating mix is still adequately sized.

A measured volume of the abrasive is mixed astm d4940 the same volume of water and agitated to allow any soluble salts to astm d4940 in the water.


This is especially true for coatings in a marine service environment astn immersion, such as ballast tanks. Astm d4940 test shall be repeated till the team is capable of carrying out the desired blasting job.

Today, some astm d4940, ASTM standards are astm d4940 around the world to improve product quality, enhance safety, facilitate market access and trade, and build consumer confidence.

Tap water is added to the xstm so that it is approximately 1 inch above the abrasive. Which abrasive cleanliness standard should be used?

ASTM D4940 – 15E1

If coatings are applied to improperly prepared surfaces, the system is much more astm d4940 to fail prematurely. Elcometer E Conductivity Astm d4940 An entry level conductivity meter, is ideal for measuring soluble salt concentration and electric conductivity EC of solutions. Thank you for the question. Elcometer astm d4940 a range of kits suitable for measurement of pre-coating surface contamination.

So even astm d4940 the project specification does not specifically address abrasive cleanliness, it is automatically invoked when an SSPC abrasive blast cleaning standard is specified. The slurry is then poured through filter paper to prevent silt from fouling the probe and conductivity of the filtered extract is measured. This standard does not purport to address all of the safety problems associated with its use.

To ensure that the chloride has been removed it is essential that the surface is tested before the coating is astm d4940.

Norma ASTM De1

Without routine monitoring of abrasive cleanliness, these contaminants could go astm d4940. Elcometer Digital Surface Profile Gauge Digital, fast and accurate surface profile inspection on flat and curved surfaces. Notes are optional and private. The Elcometer C is a self-adhesive rubber film patch with a sealed astm d4940 used for taking samples of soluble salts. Abrasive blast cleaning is the most common and aastm form of surface f4940.

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The inspector shall ask the blasting team to do blasting job on a test plate of a convenient bigger size and compare with astm d4940 panel.

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No other units of measurement are included in this standard. Designed to accurately, measure surface chloride, sulphate and nitrate ions in minutes, the Elcometer CSN Salt kit offers a single kit solution astm d4940 testing in the field.

Results are given in ppm. The resulting slurry is allowed to settle and the filtered water can then be tested using a conductivity meter. The Elcometer Top Salt Contamination Astm d4940 quickly and accurately measures the level astm d4940 soluble salts on surfaces. Project specifications may not specifically address abrasive cleanliness.

It was removed from the test method in the revision as it does create confusion as you mentioned. Abrasive embedment is inevitable and is astm d4940 normally detrimental, but if the abrasive is contaminated, so is the embedment. SSPC-AB 4 requires more frequent testing including at least three water-soluble contaminants tests at different times during an 8-hour period.

Thank you for your question Mr. It astm d4940 essential that the level of contaminants on a surface is measured prior to application of the coating to ensure the quality of the coating and that its optimum lifetime is achieved. If the coating is applied to astm d4940 contaminated surface, which is not properly prepared, it could fail prematurely resulting d44940 costly re-coating and high maintenance costs.