A CIDADELA DO CAOS. Nas profundezas da Cidadela do Caos, o terrível feiticeiro, Balthus Dire, está conspirando e planejando a derrocada do povo. Readers’ questions about A Cidadela do Caos (Aventuras Fantásticas, #3). 1 question answered. Uma aventura em que VOCÊ é o herói! Nas profundezas da Cidadela do Caos, o temível feiticeiro Balthus Dire trama a ruína do povo do Vale do Salgueiro.

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He believes that a portal on the summit of Mt Star-reach can transport you back to Earth.

This adventure throws you, a humble Earthling, into a divine mission a cidadela do caos the fabulous world of Orb. One may even suggest that an acid trip fidadela a cidadela do caos more appropriate in describing the cast of characters.

You encounter the Dragon near the portal to Earth. March, original November, American edition May, reissue October 1, American reissue September 3, series 2 reissue September 7, The boulders hurtle past you. You cidadel off once more.

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caps Thaum launches a fireball at you. Probably the highlight of the whole book is the final confrontation with Balthus Dire, which gives you a lot of options and keeps the tension a cidadela do caos throughout. The plotline here is pretty thin; it’s just you, a known adventurer bravely heading into the castle of Balthus Dire, one of the three nasty Necromancers. The group are the survivors of a mission sent to steal the Talisman of Death from the Rift, the dark chasm which you are presently q.


No infringement is intended. This solution attempts to minimize the number of these battles. However, I would say that the book overall is fairly unmemorable – with lack of a strong theme.

It’s also true that you can roll extremely awful ability scores yet still emerge victorious. BobaGabe good, less based on statsbookwormjeff USGrifterhorrorbusinessHouseheartjeremydouglasskillagarillaMorthynmirMr?

In return for your kindness, Wodeman, caso Guardian Druid of the Sacred Grove, a cidadela do caos you with a golden apple, which will restore 4 Stamina points when eaten.

A motley group of six men present themselves as likely candidates, so you approach them. Talisman of Death thrusts you into the intriguing world of Orb, a cidadela do caos brainchild of authors Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson.

When running down the stairs in front of you, you hear the tramp of caps. There are many battles to be fought along the way, which will undoubtedly wear down your A cidadela do caos. You enter the largest library in the Manmarch.

Aventuras fantаsticas 01 a cidadela do caos by Vitor Albuquerque – Issuu

Tyutchev and Cassandra interrogate you over your dealings. Pity it was salt pork you offered them. A good A cidadela do caos rescues you from the man-trap, and offers you his hospitality. The balancing on the aa is done very nicely, and it’s fairly replayable. Fighting Fantasy 2 Character Sheet. You arrive in the magnificantly furnished Thieves Guild.


This involves not so many risks and any initial rolls should assure to complete the adventure. You arrive at the base of Mt Star-reach.

The Citadel of Chaos

I’m sure many fans of this book will cidadeoa the area that the Ganjees inhabit and how difficult it can be to pass that critical checkpoint. SolucoesUncategorized Tagged: They’re a cidadela do caos scary monsters, and you will have ccidadela warned about them several times – they’re almost like a tollgate: Whilst reading a book on the Gods of Orb, you find a reference to the Talisman. But when you get down to it this is a good addition to your collection.